SAF™ Superabsorbent Yarns

Absorbent yarns are suitable for a wide range of applications, including medical, cable and hygiene

SAF™ Superabsorbent Yarns

Absorbent yarns: 52mm and 80mm SAF™ fibres can be spun with other staple fibres to produce these high performance swellable yarns. The denier, decitex, absorption rate and ultimate swell height can meet required specifications by altering the SAF™ grade and fibre blend.

SAF™ can be processed by all well-known staple fibre spinning systems. Typically, SAF™ would be blended with other synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, cellulose and aramids. These fibre blends are normally processed using the cotton and semi-worsted systems.

Superabsorbent SAF™ Yarns are supplied on bobbins, which can be sized to suit manufacturing requirements, they are lightweight, easy to onward process. A standard range of yarns are already available and others can be manufactured to meet specific requirements.

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SAF™ Superabsorbent Yarns

Dry Diameter
Count Diameter
strength (N)
absorbency (g/g)
00250 0.2525027836520
180003.20 18,00020,0000.56547

SAF™ – a soft superabsorbent fibre – is the key component in all of our yarns. SAF™ yarns absorb water and saline rapidly with excellent retention levels. The SAF™ content does not shed when the yarns are being cut and spliced for use. Learn more about SAF™

Yarn selection will be influenced by the final end use. An experienced development team are on hand to offer advice and help with initial yarn selection for trials. Where possible, bespoke yarns will be designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements. Contact us for more information