Superabsorbent Washable Fabrics

SAF™ Superabsorbent Washable Fabrics really are unique. They contain our SAF™ technology to provide high levels of absorbency, but can also be fully laundered and reused.

SAF™ Superabsorbent Washable Fabrics provide the same high levels of absorbency as our disposable fabrics, but can be washed and re-used. Such Washable Superabsorbents are ideal for a wide range of moisture management applications, including intimate apparel and bed mats. These Reusable Absorbent Materials can also be used for evaporative cooling apparel/accessories and even some medical cooling applications, e.g. medicine storage.

To withstand laundering, the |Superabsorbent Washable Fabric must be positioned between two outer layers, thus creating a three-layer fabric. The outer fabrics* can be tailored as required to suit product design and functional requirement, e.g. one layer can be waterproof and the other water permeable.

Once in a final fabric construction, studies have indicated that the Washable Absorbent Fabric layer retains a high level of functionality after undergoing a year’s worth of weekly wash/dry cycles – even when using an elevated wash temperature of up to 60°C.

The fabrics range from 190-450gsm and are typically a blend of SAF™ and other synthetic fibres. Anti-microbial, flame-retardant and anti-odor finishes can also be added during the manufacturing process.

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*We only supply the core fabric but can advise on outer fabrics

SAF™ – a soft superabsorbent fibre – is the key component in all of our fabrics. SAF™ fabrics absorb water and saline rapidly with excellent retention levels. Blood plasma can also be absorbed with greater resistance to solids blocking the surface. The SAF™ content does not shed when the fabrics are being cut and shaped for use. Learn more about SAF™

Fabric selection will be influenced by the final end use, but also many other requirements –absorbency, thickness, durability, and, often most importantly, budget. An experienced development team are on hand to offer advice and help with initial fabric selection for trials. Where possible, bespoke fabrics will be designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements. Contact us for more information