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When stabilisation is critical, PermeatecDS won’t let you down

October saw the launch of the first product from the Technical Absorbents (TAL) Permeatec product range, which is aimed at the control, stabilisation and reinforcement markets. PermeatecDS has been designed specifically for the control of dust and the stabilisation of loose, granular materials.

Since inception in 1993, UK-based Super Absorbent Fibre manufacturer TAL has provided high levels of innovation and product development expertise to the geo- and agro-textiles markets with its unique technologies and insights. The introduction of PermeatecDS will now provide it with an enhanced portfolio of solutions for these sectors.

PermeatecDS is a unique polymer technology and can be applied to such materials as an aqueous surface spray as a means of suppression, to control dust or to provide a hard, durable surface. In addition, it can be physically mixed directly with material being treated to provide a solid block.

The polymer is specifically designed to be dispersed in water, aiding application and improving safety and handling. The polymer is able to coat and bind loose materials, forming a complex web of interlocking particles and polymer, which – when dried – form a hard, durable material. The ability to change the application rates of PermeatecDS provides the user with precise control and allows stabilisation levels, strength and durability to be tailored as required.

Once applied, the product remains permeable. In the result of heavy rainfall, there will be no associated problems with standing water and water run-off.

The product will be available in two forms – pre-mixed liquid or fibre flakes. Ultra concentrate will also be an option for customers able to dilute on a larger scale. Once diluted, the solution can be applied using all conventional liquid application equipment.

The markets for PermeatecDS are primarily those with a hot, dry climate and it is initially being targeted at the construction industry, public authorities and the military. However, TAL is interested in hearing from any customer that has a potential requirement for this new technology. Samples can also be supplied for initial trials if necessary.

Further variants are already being developed by TAL for the Permeatec product portfolio, with the focus on longer-term reinforcement, stabilisation and erosion control projects.