Technical Absorbents - SAF Online Store Screenshot

New Online Shop for Superabsorbent Samples

We have recently launched the next generation of our online sample shop which can be found at We first introduced an ecommerce facility back in 2015 to provide prospective customers with a clearer/more concise overview of its product portfolio, while also making it easier to buy small samples for initial trials/testing.

The shop has been designed to flow seamlessly from our main website and allow visitors to search for samples by product type and market sector.

“In developing the new sample site it was important for us to look at it from the visitors’ perspective,” explains General Manager Mike Parkington. “In some instances, our technology is new to people. To make the navigation easy, and allow them to find the most suitable products, was the key priority.”

The shop is home to samples of SAFTM, SAFTM Fabrics and SAFTM Yarns. Visitors can drill down further by fabric type and can also use a set of filter parameters to help them find what they are looking for.

“We have a very diverse customer base,” continues Mike, “from companies large and small – multinationals to start-ups. People looking for samples can be R&D Specialists, New Product Development personnel, Procurement Managers, Product Designers, even Owners and Managing Directors. Some will know exactly what they want, others will be trying to work that out as they search. The simpler we can make the whole process the better.

“Selling online was a huge leap for us but one that has really added value over the past few years. Having products listed on the internet for people to view and buy has really stimulated interest in our growing portfolio of superabsorbent products. It really does make it easier for prospective customers to access information, understand the capabilities of our technology and speed up initial material selection.”

Samples can be purchased from the website in GBP, Dollars and Euros and shipped globally. Technical advice can be provided beforehand if required. Upon receipt of samples, customers are offered technical advice/support if this is required.