SAF™ Netting fabrics are manufactured using a SAF™ spun yarn and woven together to create a superabsorbent open net with high integrity

SAF™ Netting fabrics are truly unique. They are manufactured using a SAF™ spun yarn and woven together to create an open net structure with high integrity. Such fabrics offer an extremely strong yet lightweight absorbent solution. Wicking is also made possible by other carrier fibres in the spun yarns. SAF™ Netting fabrics have already found a home within a range of applications, including horticulture and wound care.

Net sizes can vary to meet requirements and laminates, e.g. PES weave can also be added either side.

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SAF™ – a soft superabsorbent fibre – is the key component in all of our fabrics. SAF™ fabrics absorb water and saline rapidly with excellent retention levels. Blood plasma can also be absorbed with greater resistance to solids blocking the surface. The SAF™ content does not shed when the fabrics are being cut and shaped for use. Learn more about SAF™

Fabric selection will be influenced by the final end use, but also many other requirements –absorbency, thickness, durability, and, often most importantly, budget. An experienced development team are on hand to offer advice and help with initial fabric selection for trials. Where possible, bespoke fabrics will be designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements. Contact us for more information