Needlepunch Nonwoven

Needlepunch Nonwoven: We can produce a wide range of SAF™ Superabsorbent Needlepunch Nonwoven Fabrics – sometimes referred to as needlefelts – typically between 150-1,000gsm. These Drylaid, Carded Materials can be developed to suit specific requirements.

Needlepunch Nonwoven: SAF™ Absorbent Needlepunch Fabrics are capable of absorbing many times their own weight in water/saline. These technical felt-like materials are more robust than others within the range. They can be designed to offer greater strength and integrity due to the nature of mechanical bonding (needling) used during manufacture. They are also generally less dense than other SAF™ Absorbent Nonwoven Fabrics, but still offer the same great levels of absorption.

SAF™ long staple fibre grades (52 mm) are typically blended with other synthetic fibres to manufacture these Needlepunch Nonwovens. Webs can be produced at a wide range of fabric weights, typically between 150-1,000gsm. Laminates and other finishes are possible.

SAF™ can be blended with a wide range of other fibre types to produce specialist absorbent felts up to 2.0m wide in the perfect environment. Short order trial runs can be facilitated where commercially viable.

Such fabrics are suitable for a whole range of applications, including filtration, medical, hygiene and packaging.

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SAF™ – a soft superabsorbent fibre – is the key component in all of our fabrics. SAF™ fabrics absorb water and saline rapidly with excellent retention levels. Blood plasma can also be absorbed with greater resistance to solids blocking the surface. The SAF™ content does not shed when the fabrics are being cut and shaped for use. Learn more about SAF™

Fabric selection will be influenced by the final end use, but also many other requirements –absorbency, thickness, durability, and, often most importantly, budget. An experienced development team are on hand to offer advice and help with initial fabric selection for trials. Where possible, bespoke fabrics will be designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements. Contact us for more information